Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving #1 with the Cook Family

This year, we get to have Thanksgiving twice. We had a Cook Family Thanksgiving yesterday in West Jordan. It was fun. The kids always have so much fun with their cousins. We left Saturday evening to head out to Salt Lake. We stayed at Lisa and Wayne's house. Everyone stayed up way too late! But it was too fun visiting to get to bed any earlier.

Sunday is when we had our Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws house. Kristen and Terry came and brought their girls. I was so glad to see them, since we had not seen Crystal and Sadie for a couple of years. The only ones missing were Dan and Wendy and their four kids. Sometimes Oregon is too far away!

There are alot of pictures....and I didn't even put them all on here!

Cook Cousins

Grandpa Cook

Grandma Cook, Crystal and Sadie

Aunt Kristie

Sadie and Makayla

The Boys
Preston, Logan and Spencer

Dinner was great. Makayla's birthday is on the 29th of November and Lisa's is on the 23rd, so we celebrated their birthday's a little bit too.

Now we get to do it all over again with the Burdick Family on Thursday.


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